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Technical Writing

Technical writing often suffers from dense and dry prose. It doesn't have to be that way. Technical writing can provide a friendly introduction to a difficult or unfamiliar topic.

Decision Trees. This online tutorial aims to help professionals master a decision-making technique. [Go to the Decision Trees online tutorial]

VIP Platform – A Proposal and Analysis. This summary provides a critical assessment of a software platform for the executive team of a boutique media developer. [Available by Request, PDF, 3 MB]

The Sandreckoner's Gifts. This illustrated article for college-bound students encourages creative problem-solving by showing how Archimedes approached challenging conceptual problems. [Download PDF, 1.8 MB]


Complex information can be beautiful as well as functional. This is true for technical graphics such as charts, graphs, and schematics. I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphics tools. I am also an expert in getting tools like Microsoft Excel and FileMaker to generate attractive graphs.
[Go to the graphics sampler]


Take your presentation to a more engaging, persuasive level. Go beyond the stock templates. Here's a few samples to see how I combine custom themes with data, charts, and photo information.

Burning Man–A Quality Management Perspective. An example of speaker support for a sophisticated general audience. [Go to sample slides]

What is Life? A brief exploration of the scientific problem of defining life for a general audience. [Go to sample slides]

Gandhi Leadership Profile. Slideshow biography of the father of modern India created in a "homespun" style. [Go to sample slides]

Boutique Web Development

I specialize in boutique portfolio web sites for cost-sensitive clients. I provide a tailored package that can include as much or as little as needed: URL registration, web hosting, site construction, and maintenance. I control costs by combining templates with custom elements to suit the individual.

[Go to the Joan-of-Arts web site]

The Stylus and Slate site you're at right now is one example. For another, see a support site for homeowners' association committees. [Go to G2 Extra]

Project Support

Many creative people shy away from project management tools. But I enjoy using Microsoft Project and Excel to organize projects. I also have an aptitude for databases like FileMaker Pro. Using these tools I can understand and manage a complex project with a measure of predictability.

[Go to a PrepareNow!, a sample of project management support]