5.0 More to Explore

Decision tree software spans low-cost spreadsheet plug-ins to server-mediated applications suites. Students and casual users may find the free trial offerings from Decision Support Services, Visionary Tools, or Lumenaut particularly useful.

  • Lumenaut
    Lumenaut is a Microsoft Excel plug-in. The company offers a free trial and a free student version.

  • Salford Systems
    TreeNet for Windows is among other decision analysis products used for data mining in complex database systems.

  • Treeplan.com (Decision Support Services)
    TreePlan is a low cost Microsoft Excel plug-in that works on Windows or Macintosh. A free trial version is available for 15 days. The plug-in costs $29, or can be purchased as part of a low cost suite of products.

  • Vanguard Software Corporation
    Vanguard Studio is a customizable software tool aimed at business development. Single user licenses begin at $1,000. The company web site also offers a short introduction to decision trees.

  • Visionary Tools
    Occam’s Tree is a stand-alone application (Windows-only). This small German company offers a free trial version and a single license for $88.

You can find other information on decision trees and related decision analysis at a number of online sources. The following represent some of the best for students.