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Joan-of-Arts web project

I've completed the Joan-of-Arts web site! And I'm quite pleased with the results.

I'm pleased that I was able to design a solid web site that really serves a client in so many ways: stylistically, technically, and economically. Small projects can be a big challenge, primarily because the funds are usually limited. And that means that in order to be viable, the vendor must find ways to achive quality results with cost-saving approaches. This is not easy or simple. Planning is essential. So is a willingness to manage expectations and scope.

In the case for my client Joan Schulze, I reviewed her original site and took inventory. Then I proposed an alternative structure. After that was approved, I created three different layout concepts, one of which Joan was instantly attracted to. That design was developed, with Joan adding content changes along the way. I used a small collaboration site here at Stylus and Slate that Joan could login to and see progress and pay invoices.